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Application Essays from Scratch: 10 Vital Prompts

Listed below are 10 sample prompts to assist you while writing an application essay from scratch.

  • It is common for a student to find themselves so strongly tied to their background or personal story that it would be near impossible to submit their application without mentioning it. If you have such a story, please feel free to share.
  • If you were a part of a specific culture, family or community who entertained formal and informal events upon passage from youth to adulthood please discuss this accomplishment and the impact that it had on your life.
  • If there existed a special place or surrounding that helped you to feel completely comfortable, what would you produce or learn from being in such a place? How could those feeling be used to further advance your goals and career?
  • Do you remember a specific occurrence or moment in your history when you may have dealt with failure? If so, write about how this experience was used in a positive manner through understanding or adversity.
  • Have you ever held a personal belief that was called to question or have you formulated questions of your own? What caused these concerns from start to finish? Do you stand by your conclusion to this day? How has this affected your future?
  • Discuss a definitive moment, accomplishment, event, endeavor or moral predicament you have dealt with. What have the consequences of your decision been? How has this positively affected your future?
  • Perhaps there is a significant role model in your life. A mentor, teacher, family member or literary character? Write about the impact this person had on you and the advances you have made in part due to this person.
  • Come up with a person of significance through history, art, literature or any other outlet no directly connected to you and discuss how learning of this person affected your personal beliefs, goals and missions in life.
  • If there is a recent issue of importance or interest to you in relation to local, national or global news please discuss your involvement, if any, and the reason this holds value or meaning to you.
  • It takes all different backgrounds to help an academic institution grow and evolve with the times. With your personal history, what do you believe to be your best attributes? Describe what you think you would bring to the intellectual diverseness of our institution.

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