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The Top 20 Common Application Essay Topics For Successful Writing

The following 20 college application essay prompts listed below are suitable for writing and reflecting on life experiences in general to obtain college admission based on merit:

  1. Describe one such experience where you failed to achieve your goal. What are the lessons you learnt from the experience?
  2. Reflecting on your life situation, explain a situation when you were provided with a choice to decide between playing safe and taking risk. Mention what you chose and why? Did it form a successful outcome on your choice? Would you make a similar decision on the experience if it is encountered again in your life or would you take a different decision and why?
  3. Which movie, music, poem or novel has influenced you the most in life and has changed the way you view the world around you and Why?
  4. Describe and discuss a major life changing experience in your life.
  5. How do you intend to spend your 4 years of college experience in the campus and relate it to your future plans and goals?
  6. What is your long term goal in life?
  7. If you were provided an option to change a crucial moment or action you took in life, which moment would you choose to change?
  8. Which is the most important skill that you have that differentiates you from other candidates seeking admission in the college program so as to provide a reason why the management must choose you for college admission?
  9. If you could have a 30-minute conversation with any person in history dead or alive, who would the person be and Why? What will you discuss with that person?
  10. If you could travel back in time in your life history, which period would you like to revisit and why?
  11. Imagine you have been asked to write a 400-page autobiography of your life, what would your autobiography say?
  12. Choose the most dangerous invention made in history that has negatively impacted the world and explain why.
  13. If you were given an opportunity to read any one’s mind who would that person be?
  14. Narrate some memorable moments in your life in the form of a story
  15. Which is the most embarrassing moment of your life and explain what you learnt from it?
  16. If you were reborn you would like to take a rebirth as which person again?
  17. If you could have rebirth as an animal, which animal would you prefer to be reborn as and why?
  18. What are the qualities you look for in friendship and why it is important for you?
  19. Which place fascinates you the most in life and why you would like to visit the place over and over again?
  20. Which is the best autobiography that you have read to date and why is it your favorite?

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