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A Guide for selecting Admission Essay Topics

Essay topics are as important as the essay writing skills. A topic must be chosen with a lot of care and speculation. You must contemplate a little before selecting a topic for your admission essay. Following are important points to be considered while finalizing your essay topic:

  • Importance of topic for you:
  • The first thing to consider is the importance of topic in your eyes. If the topic contains something personally important to you then you will able to write better on it. The more a topic is personalized, more it attracts the attention of the reader.

  • Avoid gimmicky topic:
  • If the topic is gimmicky then it will contain jokes and that might offend someone. It might turn out to be a negative experience for you. Admission committee usually does not like or appreciate such topics.

  • Topic and your personal information:
  • Your topic should never be such that it contrasts or stays away from your information listed in the application of admission. Also avoid using information using GPAs or grades in the admission essay.

  • Supporting arguments for essay topic:
  • Another important thing in an essay is the supporting paragraphs. You must see if you have enough supporting arguments to write paragraphs on your topic of admission essay. If you fail to support your selected topic, it will create really bad impression on the admissions committee. So be careful about your choice of topic.

  • Enough answers:
  • You must be able to answer the questions that your topic addresses. The points must be elaborated in the specified words limit. Make sure that you do not end up writing rough or poor summary of important ideas or points in your admission essay.

  • Interest provoking:
  • When choosing a topic for admission essay, think that “is my topic interesting?” Your topic must be interesting enough to attract attention of the reader. Dull and boring essay topics will not get you good marks and also they will not be as effective as the interesting topics are.

  • Does it represent me?
  • Does your admission essay topic represent you? If yes, then it is the right topic for you. If not, then reject the topic at once and go for another one. Your admission essay is the mirror that reflects your whole personality to the admission committee. If it fails to present you with your uniqueness and style, then the whole effort becomes a failure.

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