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Writing an admission essay: what topics to avoid

If you are writing an admission essay it is vital that you make that paper stand out. You want to be accepted into college, and it is only with an immaculate admission essay that this will happen. While there are many areas in which you want to focus your attention when writing this essay, learning topics that should be avoided is also a must.

Avoidable Topics

There are many topics to avoid when writing your admission essay. These topics should be avoided for one reason or another, whether they are of a controversial nature or simply off topic to greatly to enhance your essay.

All of your Accomplishments

Stick to listing only those that pertain to your college entrance. While it is wonderful that you’ve traveled the world three times already this isn’t the essay for that.


No matter how open you feel that you are, religion is one topic that you should go to great lengths to avoid. This is one that seems to always start controversy. So, avoid it all by avoiding the topic all together.


Politics is another subject off-limits for your essay for the very same reasons as religion. It is a topic always starting controversy.


Again this is a sad topic and it is unfortunate the events took place in your life. But the admission essay is not something that you want to use to share this information.

Illegal Activities

Hopefully you are not participating in anything illegal now or in the past, but if you have it is certainly nothing that should be talked about when you’re attempting to land a spot inside of the college classroom.

Anything Unprofessional

You want to get into the college, not have them looking at you and shaking their head. Always avoid unprofessionalism in your admission essay.


There are many controversial topics regarding parenting, thus this is yet another topic that you should avoid writing about inside of your admission essay.

Writing your Essay

Remember this is an essay designed to tell the college more about you to help determine if you are a right fit for their institution. You must create the paper with this in mind. Concentrate and focus your attention on providing reasoning that your acceptance into the college would benefit everyone. Focus on writing about yourself and you will do just fine with your admission essay. It is just that easy.

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