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Topics to avoid in your Admission Essay

With a million topics that you can write about in your essay, ensure that there are a few that you’re not touching with a 10-foot pole. Whether they’re controversial, personal or something else, these topics have a great place to call home but that is not within the lines of your essay paper.

Avoidable Topics

One topic that you must avoid in your paper is religion. Everyone has different religions and beliefs and more people are very sensitive about that. While it isn’t always a guarantee that religion will strike up controversy, in more cases than not it will, so it is bets just not to talk about it at all.

Politics also earns a spot on the avoid list. It is number two on the top avoidable topics not to touch because it is just as sensitive and touchy as religion and sometimes even more so. Avoiding it all together will help you accomplish what you’ve came to with your paper.

If you’ve ever participated in illegal activities (i.e. drug use, theft, etc.) don’t mention this in your essay! It’s called personal for a reason and you shouldn’t be so forthcoming of the information being revealed, especially when you’re writing for your college.

Your essay can contain information about your achievements, but be careful with this. You do not want to sound as if you’re boasting or bragging and you certainly don’t wait to get carried away either and talk too much about yourself and the good things that you have done.

Finally, make sure that sports related matters are not included in the essay, unless this, of course is the topic of the essay that you’re assigned to write. Everyone plays sports and scores tons of touchdowns and rebounds and more. This is nothing that hasn’t been said a thousand times before and will certainly add no value to your life.

Choosing a topic

Although these topics should be avoided there are many great topics that you can write about so do not limit yourself. Take the tie to carefully weigh the topics that you can write about and accordingly choose something that you find interesting and enjoyable to write about. It is far easier to write about a topic that you find interesting than what it is writing about something that you’re not, so do take the needed time to choose your optic. Avoid these topics no matter what you do!

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