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College admissions essay help: choosing your strategy

Nothing can demonstrate an aspiring college student’s potential for quality, unique thought quite like a fantastically well-written admissions essay. It is impossible to look at a student’s transcript and infer anything about their depth of thought, their ability to analyze deep subjects, or their ability to communicate, after all, and it’s even less possible to get a sense of their personality! However, these skills are all essential components of college and graduate school success (as is a strong personality), and schools look closely for them by reading admissions essays closely.

If you have a strong application essay, schools will take a vested interest in your and your future. A strong admissions essay can make or break an application, and even help a student with subpar grades or test scores get into a higher-tier university than they otherwise might. But how is this accomplished? Here are a few tips for choosing an appropriate strategy and writing an awesome admissions essay.

Choose Interesting Prompts

Most colleges assign a few possible admissions essay topics. They are usually highly subjective and personal in nature, and not based on research or background study at all. That is because the readers want there to be an even playing field for applicants. The goal of the essay is to share your personality and opinion while demonstrating your writing ability, not to conduct a ton of research. To that end, select a topic that is interesting and that you can write provocatively about!

Make Each Essay Unique

The average college student applies to between five and fifteen schools, and if you are seeking admission to a highly competitive school, you are probably applying to even more than that! But do not let the number of applications you have keep you from writing personalized essays for every single school you are considering. Think of it this way: if the school is worth going to, it is worth writing a unique admissions essay for! If a school does not seem worth the effort, you should probably not be applying there in the first place. Make sure to write a specialized essay for each application; the readers will be able to tell.

Devote Regular Time to Writing

Until they day you accept a school’s admission offer, consider working on college applications to be a part-time job to which you must devote regular, weekly effort. Find a span of time every weekend (a period of two to five hours) and devote that time to reviewing application essay prompts, freewriting, editing, and polishing drafts for submission. Start in the early fall (September at the latest) and try to write at least one or two admissions essays in every writing period. Start with rough drafts, then come back a week later and edit.

Follow these tips and you will be able to write numerous high quality admissions essays!

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