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Narrowing down the Application Essay Topics

When you are assigned to write an application essay your first task is to select the topic on which you are going to write an essay. Before choosing the abrupt topic you have to do research. After researching you will be able to narrow down the topic of your application essay. Then your research will restrict only to the topic. You do not have to research the related topics. If you are searching for a topic in the library you will find that the topic you have chosen is broad. Mostly the topics that are of one word are very wide in nature. You cannot sum up such topic in the single application essay. So the research will not be appreciated. You need to narrow down your topic of the application essay first then start research about the topic.

How the application essay is narrowed down:

The topic of your application essay can be narrowed down in the following ways:

  • First of all after choosing your topic on your own you have to go to the advisor or teacher. He may help you in narrowing down the broad topic of your application essay.
  • Keep in mind that you have to choose the topic of your interest. It will make you to research ore about the topic and get a narrowed topic.
  • When you put question to your topic it is narrowed down like your writing about smoking kills. Your topic should contain a question like how smoking kills?
  • You can also narrow down your topic by brain storming the wide and broader topic. When you brainstorm you will write down the different categories and dimensions of your topic then it will become very easy for you to choose one of the category and start writing your application essay on that.
  • You can also put a question to interrelate the two different categories of the broad topic and then write down the application essay on the narrowed topic.
  • If you decide the time are you have given a limited time for the submission of the application essay you will be more able to narrow down the topic so you can focus on the topic only and submit in time. Divide the time for writing different sections.
  • Also select the place and area upon which your research is taking place. It will help you to restrict to your topic and keep it narrow and to the point.

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