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Are application essay writing agencies legal?

It seems that most colleges are requiring their applicants to submit application essays. As this practice becomes more common, colleges are making their essay topics more elaborate. Gone are the days where students simply write about an experience that changed their life, now they are asked to write about more provocative, unusual essay topics regarding famous quotes, history, and unusual scientific advances. With the challenging assignments, many students are turning to essay writing agencies with little regard to the scruples behind hiring such an assignment out to a professional writer.

So, is it legal to hire a company to write your application essay? It is not illegal and since the essay is written for an application and not an assignment for a grade, it is not technically cheating.

How to colleges police this? There really is not a way to police essay writing services or even know if a student did or did not write his own essay. The only way to really tell is if more than one student were to turn in the same essay for their applications. This has happened, but only when students turn to cheap essay writing agencies who recycle their essays.

What about students who get help for their ACT scores? Many people compare essay writing services to ACT test prep services. Some parents pay hundreds and even thousands of dollars to learn the secrets to earning high scores on the ACT test. This is not considered cheating, even though students learn the ins and outs of the test, even if they have no idea what the questions are asking.

It is difficult for a student who cannot afford to take an ACT test prep course to complete against a student who has unlimited resources to prep for college entrance procedures. If one student decided to use an essay writing service and gets away with it, then other students will need to do the same to compete for those sacred spots at the top colleges and universities.

By the time the student is enrolled in college and becomes known by her student number, it really will not matter who wrote the essay or not. The student will need to take a placement test, which will really determine what type of a writer she is. The application committee members will have no idea how that student really can write. Unfortunately, if that student really cannot write, the real loser is whoever has to pay the student’s tuition for the remedial class that will not count toward graduation.

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