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How to Write an Entrance Essay for College: Best Advice

Writing a college entrance essay can be stressful because you want to get into the school and your entrance essay could be one factor that pushes your application to the top of the pile. Here are some tips to keep in mind when preparing to write one.

Best Advice

  • Most colleges only want two hundred and fifty words in their essay but some may want a little bit more.  You want to make sure to stay in the word limit and not go over too much.  The people in admissions read hundreds of these a day and if you write too much they will lose their patience.
  • Don’t lie on the essay or embellish on what you have done.  This will only be more stressful to you and lying is not the way you want to start out your adulthood.
  • When you are outlining your essay, ask yourself what makes you stand out from the rest of the applicants?  This essay is about you and you want to stand out while being yourself.
  • Only pick one or two things to write about, this will keep the essay easy to read and you won’t go off subject.  Most of your achievements are on your application so pick something that they don’t know about you.
  • You are on your way to college so don’t make high school mistakes like grammar and spelling.  If you make mistakes like this, they won’t take you serious.
  • When you are telling a story in your essay make sure to use detail to put the reader into the story.  Don’t go overboard but give some detail so the admission officer can see where the story took place.
  • Make yourself likable in you essay.  This means that you have to sell yourself as a person that they would want to meet, so make the essay sound more like a conversation with a friend but still professional.
  • Use humor with caution in your essay. You might think it is funny but you can’t be sure what the reader will think of it.
  • You can be controversial in you essay but don’t be excessive because you don’t want your essay to sound like a preacher wrote it.
  • Lastly, talk about intellectual things you enjoy.  Remember you are going to college, a place of learning, so making it sound like you are ready and willing to learn. This might be the one thing that gives you that edge over the other applicants.

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