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What To Know About College Admission Essay Format

Most colleges are no longer just requiring students to complete an application for admission into their programs. Nearly every college is now requiring students to write college admission essays. Even though there are common application websites that allow students to streamline the application process, it seems as if every college has a different requirement for its essay requirement. This makes it difficult for students to know what to write and how to format their essays.

Read the Instructions

The most important part of the college admission essay process is reading the instructions because they will provide everything you need to know about the length and the possible topics. Even if the college offers you the opportunity to select your own topic, it is always best to use one of the topics provided, because those topics were selected for a reason. It is always best to write no more than the length that the instructions gave.

Formatting the Essay

You should always type your essay and print a clear copy. You want your essay to be easy to read, so print it in a plain typeface, not a script or trendy one. Print it in size 11 or 12. If the essay goes on to a second page, print on separate sheets or paper, unless you are instructed otherwise, and be sure to staple them together. Your name should be printed on both sheets, too. When you type it, skip lines between the paragraphs rather than indenting each paragraph. Readers are accustomed to seeing skipped lines (this article has skipped lines between each paragraph - with added subheading).

Use an Appropriate Voice

When you write your college admissions essay, write in a voice that is appropriate to the topic. If the topic is casual, you can insert more of your voice, but stay away from text language and being overly conversational. You are always welcome to show your personality, but do it strong word choice rather than silliness. Your goal is to show the admissions department that you are ready to attend college. They want to see your ability to write.

Get Feedback from Teachers and Family Members

Before you submit your essay, it is always a good idea to have several people read your essay. Ask them about your voice and if it is too conversational. Have them look for grammar and spelling errors, especially the ones that computers do not always catch - like there, their, and they’re.

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