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The Ultimate Guide To College Admissions Essay Format

Once you are enrolled in a College or University you will be expected to write many essays and papers in every single class that you take. This is because essays are the only efficient way for an instructor to grade a student on their understanding of any given concept without interviewing them one on one. This is why the application process often includes an essay. Admissions officers want to get a sense of each applicant’s personality, without having to go through the time-consuming interview process. It is expected that applicants will understand how to properly format an essay, and answer the question that is being asked of them.

How To Properly Format Your College Admissions Essay


An application essay does not need to be lengthy like a novel, in fact it should be brief, to the point and well focused. Ideally you should be able to complete the entire composition within 5 paragraphs, introduction, supporting details, summary, and conclusion.


Try to use simple wording that does not require the reader to use a dictionary but is formal enough that your composition comes across as mature and well focused. Be sure to properly incorporate MLA source citing to clarify where you got your information.

The page should be structures with a 1-inch modern on both the top and bottom, each paragraph must be indented the standard 5 spaces. Try to select fonts that are modern and easy to read like “Time New Roman” for example.


Along with using a strong vocabulary (remember the thesaurus is your friend) using proper grammar is also very important. Make sure you enlist a second reader to look for errors, and help you proofread because occasionally we have a hard time seeing our own mistakes and MS Spell-check is not always a flawless system because it does not account for context.

Things to Keep In Mind When Writing Your Application Essay

Remember that your college application essay is not for a grade percentage and is essentially being examined pass-fail. If your application does not impress the admittance officers then you won’t be attending you first choice college, it is that plain and simple. Don’t let this discourage you, but keep this hard fact in mind before submitting a sub-par paper. Continue to revise the content in your essay as the deadline approaches and make sure that it is free of formatting errors or grammatical mistakes.

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