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Personal Narrative Essay Prompts: What Is The Main Idea Of Your Paper

Narrative essays are used as a way for a writer to engage a reader into a story. The more descriptive and elaborate a writer is, the more likely a reader will imagine the story exactly how it was intended when it was written. The main idea of writing a personal narrative should be:

  • Choose A Topic
  • Keep It Truthful
  • Decide On The Narration
  • Descriptive, Descriptive, Descriptive
  • Edit and Review

Choose A Topic

When choosing a topic for a narrative essay, especially a personal one, a writer must choose something from their own life’s experience. This could be from the first time they rode a bike on their own or about a trip they took with someone through the Appalachian Mountains. The more unique the story is, the more likely it is to engage a reader.

Keep It Truthful

In keeping with the tradition of reader engagement, the story should remain truthful as it is a personal narrative. The point of a personal narrative is to draw from one’s own experience, which cannot be done on a fabricated white lie.

Decide On The Narration

Although the story is to be truthful, it can still be written in any point of view. The writer may choose to write it in first or third person, or create a character to tell the story for them. Having a different character tell the story ensures that even the roughest of life events can be covered up without embarrassment as a reader cannot tell who the action is happening to, whether it be the writer or a friend they speak of. Whatever route the author chooses to take, it should remain fun and interesting for the reader, especially if the writer wants to receive a decent grade.

Descriptive, Descriptive, Descriptive

The more descriptive this story is, the better a reader can imagine as if they were there. Describing sensory details such as the smell outside, the temperature or how the food tasted will greatly enhance the writer’s story telling.

Edit and Review

As always, writers need to rewrite their stories often, as a first copy usually would not receive an A or A-. Writers must remember to check for spelling and grammatical errors as well, otherwise the story may not sound as good in someone’s mind if it seems like a three year old has written it. After each draft, a writer should remember to have someone review their work and offer any feedback in order to make it the best personal narrative possible. With these steps, life stories should be easy to tell anyone, no matter how difficult.

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