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How to write a brilliant essay application for college?

For writing a brilliant essay that gives you an edge over other applicants, be unique and try to differentiate your essay from other applications. Do not refer the essays of other applicants and be original in writing down your thoughts on paper. Recycling a model essay for applying for a course in the university, would leave an aroma of familiarity on the reader evaluating your essay, as his mind would have registered similar work done by other applicant and would lead to cancellation of your application, It’s a risk not worth taking. So chuck it.

  • While writing the essay, reflect your essay through your personality traits by leaving a mark of your personality on your essay. Be yourself and don’t try to emulate somebody.
  • Write what you feel and not what the admissions committee wants to hear from you. In any case, a genuine and sincere application has its own merits and weightage over an application that boasts about stars, and the moon and projects you to the extreme limits of the sky where nobody can reach.
  • Write the application essay in a brief manner without using too many words that convey almost the same thing over and over again. Elaborate only when you are required to divulge background information. Your task is not to put the readers to sleep.
  • Try to be creative by adding interesting anecdotes or instances that relate to the main purpose of the essay application.
  • Captivate the reader with engaging memories shared in your essay and give an enticing introduction to the essay.
  • Concentrate on spreading optimism through your essay rather than sharing a story of defeat or pessimism. Your approach matters the most.
  • Draft, rewrite and revise to fine tune the essay and give it a touch of perfection.
  • You can also try adding some humour to entertain the reader. Its ok if it backfires by turning out to a bad joke.
  • Review the essay with few people to gain inputs for corrections or feedback.
  • Avoid using clichés in your essay as it would irritate the reader.Think out of the box without specifying it, rather convey it indirectly through your statements and references. Beating around the bush is not a great idea as it would give a false information to the reader about you.
  • Remember the reader goes through various essay applications and your essay is just one among them. Therefore try to stand out and raise curiosity of the reader to finish reading the full essay.
  • It is important that you try to entertain the reader through your essay, which otherwise will make the reader experience boredom and make their reading exercise laborious. This will not only saturate the reader but will also lead to cracking your dreams to pursue the graduate program in the university.
  • Maintain relevance and purpose of the essay to your application without deviating from the required topic as it would project your inconsistency and question your mental stability to pursue your goals by divulging your lack of focus. Your essay application, projects your brand and so, preserve your image as an ambitious learner who likes to toil in order to achieve his goals in life.

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