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Application Essay Ideas: you should be controversial

Controversy may be misunderstood by many students preparing a college admission essay. Controversial topics may be considered a taboo because they can be emotionally charged and can evoke strong responses from those who disagree with the viewpoint. The result is that students prepare essays that lack a true and passionate stand on a subject. They may be well written, but are not the pieces that will attract the attention of an admission counselor.

When writing a controversial essay, the writer should understand the topic and articulate their point of view with conviction. It doesn’t need to be inflammatory so that people will think the writer is on a roll lecturing the reader. To be passionate about the topic is admirable, but to avoid other perspectives or to pretend that the writer has the only right answer can be a turn off. The idea is to show that while a strong opinion is had, there is an overall understanding of other aspects of the topic. Religious topics can be great to explore, but there must be an awareness of other thoughts or beliefs to make a balanced point in the essay.

A controversial essay that provides reasons for the point of view can be very effective. The reasons are supports for the stance that is put forth in the essay and it can show a clear thought process and a balanced approach to the topic. The danger is that the reasons can become arguments and arguments can insight strong feelings from the reader. This type of essay probably should have a reader to make sure that it is well crafted and doesn’t go from reason to argument.

It should be something that you already have a stand on or a passion for and not something contrived just for the essay assignment. An authentic point of view comes through in an honest way and that can make a big difference in the quality of the essay.

Being able to discuss ideas that are controversial in a way that has the other points of view acknowledged can show that you have a strong opinion, but can see other points of view and can be able to understand the bigger picture. This is a great way to show that you have what it takes to be a vibrant part of a student body and can lend your thoughts to the diversity of the institution.

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