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A Great Manual On How To Write A Personal Statement

Of the many writing projects a student has to learn, one of them is the personal statement essay. A personal statement is exactly that, a statement from the author, about the author, but the statement is more thorough with introduction and concluding paragraphs.

One could imagine an author standing up at dinner, clinking their glass with a fork to go into a long statement about themselves, drawn out and revealing various build ups to the one statement they’re trying to make. Everyone waiting in anticipation. Here we can look at how one writes a personal statement.

Introducing The Author

This is just like any essay where the author is writing from their own point of view and opening up with something catchy in the first sentence. Something that grabs everyone’s attention. The purpose of the statement is to bring readers into the statement and carry them through the end of the text. But the introduction should not reveal everything. A vague summary of what’s to come is best.

Some ways to start in are:

  • Where They Grew Up
  • Who They Were Influenced By
  • How They Got Started

Where They Grew Up

Depending on what their personal statement is, determines if this is a good place to start. Perhaps even a childhood event that catches people’s interest. Readers like good stories and an event, even at any point in a person’s life, is interesting.

Who They Were Influenced By

Large parts of people’s lives are impacted by celebrities or people of importance to them. Everyone can relate to this and it’s a good conversation starter as well as a good personal statement intro.

How They Got Started

If there are comparisons to be made, such as a then and now story that shows people where the author is at in their careers as a success story, this also works well.

The Middle

For at least two-paragraphs the author should be able to guide the reader through toward the meat of the statement, which is at the end of the second paragraph before the close. If the author is writing this to get into a certain school, they would build up the reasons why they should be accepted, in the best way possible. Each sentence provides the build up to the next one until...

The End

As a rule of pacing, it’s a good idea to have given the final statement already and begin to wind-down or bow-out of the statement. This is usually done in a formal way and should not be different from the tone already presented in the rest of the paper. When executed well, the reader detects the pace as well.

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