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Writing Out The Structure Of An Application Essay

The application essay is one of the more critical parts of the entire application process. Unlike other parts – test scores and grades – it provides you with an opportunity to distinguish yourself to admissions officers. Viewed in this way, the application essay can be the deciding factor in whether you are accepted into the college of your choice.

Here some help in writing out the structure of your application essay:


In application essays, the introduction is the most important part, specifically the first sentence. Unlike a standard 5-paragraph essay where you would usually end your introduction with your thesis statement, you want to get to the point right away.

It should explain your area of interest, your motivation, or your desire to study, but it should be unique and compelling. You will want to play around with different versions until you feel comfortable with a sentence that grabs the reader’s attention and compels him or her to move forward.

Your goal for the introduction is convince the reader to keep reading. Therefore, each sentence that should provide brief explanations in support of the claim you’ve clearly stated in the first.

Body Paragraphs:

The body paragraphs will provide detailed evidence in support of all that you have briefly explained in the introduction. It’s easy to think of this as looking at your topic with a magnifying glass. You’ve stated that your favorite color is red; now let the reader know why.

Each paragraph should begin with a topic sentence that sets the theme for that paragraph. In addition, each paragraph should have evidence to support the topic sentence and a resolution to that topic. The last sentence should be meaningful and provide a smooth transition to the next paragraph.

Things to include in body paragraphs vary from accomplishments to experiences to likes or dislikes that are pieces of evidence that support your claims. Remember that every sentence should support your essay’s claim.


Your conclusion should be the last paragraph of your application essay and should mention all the key points stated in the body paragraphs. You should re-state these in a conclusive and brief manner, showing how they link together and reminding the reader how they all relate to the claim you made in the introduction.

How well you organize and structure your application essay can be all the difference. A well-written essay lets the admissions committee know that you have the capacity to think logically, write coherently, and succeed at the college level. Follow the advice above and you should be able to structure a great application essay in no time.

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