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Admission Essay Writing Guide: What to Do to be Admitted?

If you consult just about every guide to how to succeed on the admission essay to any college or university, you keep seeing one primary thing repeated---make it attention getting and not predictable.

Make it Attention Getting

See, your essay is one out of hundreds, maybe 1,000 essays they will glance at, and you don’t want yours to be predictable.

What’s of primary importance is to give them something good to read!

One Thing That Always Works: Research the School, the Department, and the Professors

One thing that always works is to DO YOUR RESEARCH on the school you are applying to—specifically on the department in the school you are applying to – in fact, both.

If you find a reason why you really want to attend this school above all others because you want to work with a certain professors whose essay on X that really motivated you to want to become, say, a science major, a computer science major, or a business administration major. Often, if you’ve really done your research on the department and the school overall, you cannot go wrong. For example, you could say “I wanted to come to X university because of their stellar reputation in educating students in computer science who go onto fulfill their dreams.

Another Thing You’ll Want to Mention is Your Passion for Your Major Area

Passion for your major area, math, for example, will always shine through on your essay. You might want to tell a great story of how you found your way to say, the math major or business major. Tell them how you struggled to master a particularly hard course, for example, and how much you ended up learning from it, and how it changed your perceptions of what study is all about, for example.

Also, you might want to discuss what you plan to do with your degree afterward – your dreams of the future once you get your degree. Tell them of your dreams to go onto your PhD if you’re applying to the Master’s program, for example, and how you want to become the kind of professor that taught you, perhaps.

Make Sure Your Essay is Flawless

Above all things, make sure your essay has been written and proofread very, very carefully for English usage, grammar, and punctuation. You may want a very good English professor you know to read your admissions essay when you finish it, so you can make sure it shines.

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