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Effective MBA Admission Essay Help

When you want to further your education by getting your MBA after you graduate, you are choosing to better yourself and your future. But first, you have to get accepted into the program. Your undergraduate career speaks for itself, of course, but you will have to explain yourself, too. Usually in an admission essay.

Keep it Concise

The admissions committee reads several essays every term. If yours goes on for three pages, it might get passed over. Keep your essay simple and to the point. You have a much better chance of reaching the admissions committee if you give them an essay that they have the time to read thoroughly. Even more, writing concisely demonstrates good writing. No matter what field, you will be writing in your Graduate career.

Be Original

Once again, the admissions committee reads more essays than they'd like to. And they all say the same things. Remember this when writing your essay and try to be different. Write your essay as a narrative of you in the future with your MBA successful, happy, and contributing to the academic community, give the story of how you fell in love with the field when researching a specific thing, or describe what you think needs to be fixed in the field and how you can do it with your MBA. It's difficult to be different when writing your essay. You may feel that there is a standard formula you have to abide by. That's simply not the case. Don't just write that you can think outside of the box and be creative to accomplish something. Demonstrate it with your paper.

Apply Yourself to the Field

The one thing you have in common with the admissions committee, if nothing else, is your love for the field you are studying. Demonstrate how you will fit into this community. You want them to see you as a colleague, someone who will contribute to their own research. Do not write an essay about how your father went to graduate school at the same institution and you want to follow in his footsteps. Write a paper about how he gave you your great-great grandfather's old war metals and took you to see the site of D-Day. And ever since you have learned everything you can about history, particularly American war history. And then explain that you wish to learn even more by attending the history department's MBA program. Then, you wish to use that to work at a history museum and contribute to research and educating others.

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