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How to create a successful Law School Application Essay

Law has always been your dream ever since you could remember. You have spent your life making good grades, getting accepted into a great undergraduate program, and making it to graduation. The law school application essay is commonly referred to as a personal statement. It is a piece of paper that attest to your character and what makes you a perfect fit for the law school, and program that you chose.


Your law school personal statement needs to have an introduction, body, and conclusion. For without these elements it cannot be a very successful essay, let alone an essay at all. The introduction of the essay should be catchy and make the reader want to continue to the remainder of the paper. You should avoid using common catch phrases as well. Be unique, and outline for the reader what they can expect from your statement.

The body of your application essay should outline your accomplishments and goals as it relates to your application. Be sure to stick to the point and avoid making list of accomplishments. Stick to the main ones that shaped who you are, or can speak to your ability to fit with the program. Tell the reader why it is that you are interested in going to law school. Be sure to explain what happened in your life that led you to this choice of careers. Don't forget to let your personality shine through.

The conclusion of the law school application essay should summarize, for the reader, everything that was said in the introduction and body of the personal statement. Don't forget your salutations.

Things to remember while crafting your essay

When crafting your essay it is important you write for your target audience. While you should show off your personality, be sure you maintain some level of professionalism throughout the paper. When writing your paper you must answer the questions your audience may want to know. Questions like what makes you a good for this law program, can you work well with others and understand both sides of an issue, and impact on previous institutions, are good questions which should be addressed during the making of your essay. Introduce personal stories that speak to your journey to law school, because statements such as these leave memorable impressions on the audience.

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