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How To Find Interesting Essay Topics For College Applications

If you are about to submit an application for college, there are certain things you should know before you pick your college application essay topics:

  • In general, the different schools to which you apply will ask for different types of essays. But remember that no matter the assigned paper or the broad area from which you can choose your topic, your goal is to show the application committee something that they cannot glean from the other pieces of your application.
  • Your goal here is to leave a lasting impression on the reader of your paper. Remember that they are going to read admissions essays all day for weeks on end, so you have to craft something particularly profound in order to catch their attention in the middle of such monotony.
  • You want to provide some evidence that you have reviewed the website of the institution to which you are applying or that you understand some of the strengths of the institution. If you can integrate that into your essay, you will be greatly rewarded for it.
  • Ask yourself if you can recall experiences in your life which were of particular personal importance, and if you can recall vivid details of the experience to support your story and add details.
  • Ask yourself, before you start, whether your topic is something you plan on making comical. You have no way of knowing what their sense of humor will be and if they will even understand the comical nature of your essay. This can end very poorly if you are not prepared. Almost always when students try and be funny in their essays, it ends poorly. You do not want that to happen to you.
  • Try and avoid repeating things that you included elsewhere in your admissions package. Do not repeat the accolades you have gained, the GPA you earned, or anything else that the review board might already know. The purpose of this essay is to provide them with something else, something personal about you and not to regurgitate things they already know. Remember that colleges view themselves as communities and they want to know that you would make a good addition to that community.
  • Make sure you answer any questions they have listed in the guidelines or prompt to the fullest extent. For example: if they ask you to list a person you consider a role model and why, do not forget to cover the “why” portion.

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