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Providing Different Real Life Example In Your Personal Essay

Your personal statement is one of your opportunities to market and sell yourself during the application process.Generally; it’s divided into two categories:

  1. The general and comprehensive personal statement:
  2. It allows you more freedom in terms you’re writing. This is the kind of statement that is prepared for law school or standard medical school application forms

  3. The reaction to more specific questions:
  4. In most cases, graduate and business school application forms ask specific questions. Your personal statement should try to answer and respond to the questions specifically. Some for the school applications allow multiple essays; those requiring you to give answers to more than three questions.

General advice

  • Answer only what you are asked
  • In case you are sending applications to many different schools, you may find some of the applications containing similar questions.

    Do not be tempted at all to use similar statements when answering the questions. It is very crucial to answer all the questions that you are required to. In case you are required to offer slightly different responses, you should give separate statements to all of them. In all the cases, make sure the answers fit the questions are asked.

  • Tell a story
  • As you answer the questions, try as much as possible to think in terms of demonstrating and showing through concrete experiences. In case your statement is fresh, different and lively, you will be placing yourself way ahead of the pack. In case you make yourself unique throughout your story, you will be more memorable than all the others.

  • Be more specific
  • Don't, for instance, mention that you will make a great doctor without saying how. If you give a statement as this one then you will be required to back it with evidence. Any of your dream be it engineering, law or anything, it should be logical and be a result of specific cited experience that is brought out in your essay.

  • Find an angle
  • In case you are like most people, whose life lacks drama, so making it interesting turns out to be a great challenge as you strive to find an angle for your points.

  • Concentrating on your lead paragraph
  • Try as much as possible to make your first or lead paragraph the most crucial of all. This is the point at which you can grab readers’ interests. If you lose it here then you lose it all.

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