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4 tips for writing a medical school personal statement

Any student hoping to get approved to attend medical school has to complete a personal statement. It helps lay out objectives of the prospective student to the admissions board. Members of this board look for specific aspects when selecting potential students. Meaning, students may want to take additional time in preparing this statement since it can greatly impact chances of getting approved. The following tips may help you focus on pertinent areas of developing your statement.

  • Pay attention to guidelines and notes given by the school pertaining to the personal statement. Most schools let you select your main idea for your statement which could give you the advantage you need. You just need to get a writers perspective on what the school looks for and details that help students get approved.
  • Select a theme for your statement and keep in mind why you want to attend this school. You may need to tap into why you want to study or practice medicine. Share an event that happened or something you experienced that made you choose this career path. Keep in mind you don’t want to come off as being stuck up or arrogant.
  • Take notes on what you want include and begin writing your statement. The medical field can be a complex area to study. Yet, while writing your statement you want to convey that you understand this field without being intimated. Be honest when including information about you to maintain credibility.
  • After writing your statement, read it over, make revisions and edit as necessary. Sometimes it helps to have another person read over what you wrote. Take the time to improve the quality of your statement by clarifying sentences and paragraphs. It may help to read it over after a few days and then revise it to insure the content is what you want the committee to learn about you.

Additional Details to Keep In Mind

You may be able to find sample personal statements online to give yourself a better idea of what to write. It can be helpful to review statements that may have information you should avoid including. Think about the admission committee and information they would expect to find from prospective medical students. When being honest in presenting your statement, mention elements that are true instead of mentioning information you think they want to see.

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