Admission, application and entrance essays: writing, editing, proofreading

Writing an admission essay: be specific and descriptive

If you have an admission essay to write then it is important to know just how vital it can be. Above all, you want to make a good impression and you want to stand out. There are various things to consider when writing your essay so as to give yourself the maximum chance of success. Some of the advice may seem glaringly obvious, yet it is surprising how are students will make the same mistakes. Give yourself the best chance of success by following some simple rules and advice, this way, you can help your admission essay to stand out and reflect positively upon you, rather than simply being just another one of the thousands of written.

Only include relevant content and cut out anything unnecessary

It may seem obvious, but the work that you have written should be entirely relevant. You may only have a short space to sell yourself, so don’t waste it with content that won’t benefit you in someone way. Essentially, every single word should be relevant and needed. When checking what you have written, it can be hard to see errors that you have made, so try to re-read with a clear mind, maybe even wait a day or two before going back to it. Another option is to get someone else’s opinion.

Make your admission essay personal and unique

Lots of people write generic and boring content that doesn’t stand out or give the many advantage over another person’s work. With hundreds or even thousands of the essays to read, you want yours to stand out. Avoid using the same old clichés that others might use, or including the same information about yourself that most people will write. Be descriptive and try to make it unique, whilst obviously giving a good impression.

Be mindful of the language that you are using

You want you admission essay to be specific and descriptive, but it should do so whilst using appropriate language. It can be acceptable to use language that is conversational in its tone, but avoid using language that is too informal. Certainly avoid using text-language, this looks bad. If your admission essay contains language that is deemed to be inappropriate then it will reflect badly upon you and only damage your chances of success, so when you are checking what you have written, be sure that the language is best suited for an admission essay.

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