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Writing entrance essays: using the first-person pronoun

Admission essays are supposed to be submitted with your admission application in the university. The admission season is drawing near and all the students are getting warmed up for writing their personal statement. Most of them go online to look for tips and suggestions on writing an admission essay effectively. It is not a new thing for students to search online resources for suggestions. There are numerous articles and published materials on the internet regarding the importance of these essays and writing a successful admission essay that will be approved by the admission officers.

Using the first person pronoun in academic writing

It is a common rule in academic writing not to use personal pronouns such as “I, me and myself”. It is advised that students do not write their personal opinion in an article or an essay and rather give authenticated references. Writing “I think we should be nice to people” is vague. The sentence will be complete even if we omit “I think”, it can be better stated that one should be nice to people. Similarly in many kinds of academic writing the instructor specifies the students to avoid using the first person pronoun.

Using the first person pronoun in your admission essay

An admission essay is aimed at the student and is a reflection of his personality. It is written in order to show the admission officer your true self so that he can decide whether you should be an addition to the new batch or not. It is always advised to stay honest in your application and write in your own unique voice. Due to this reason there will be a lot of “I” statements in your admission essay. Students are supposed to forget the first person pronoun rule that they have been learning since earlier grades and are told to use the first person pronoun in their admission essay. There are sentences that cannot be replaced by second or third person pronoun in an admission essay. At places you will have to be specific and write only about yourself. You cannot generalize the statement that is aimed at you and shows your personal interests and disliking. For example if you are good at writing and have a passion for it you should write “I have a passion for writing since I was a kid” rather than writing “some students have a passion for writing since their childhood”

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