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How To Write A Personal Statement That Will Impress Your Reader

Your personal statement is something that you write to get a job or to be accepted in medical school or usually a graduate school. You person statement should have an overall theme to it, this will show the reader what you are trying to say about yourself. You also want to highlight all of the experience that you have for the job or school you are applying for, this is their first impression of you, so you want to tell them that you have the experience. Choose a story that showcases this experience and stays with the theme.

If you are writing a personal statement for school or work, tell them what job or position you would like to hold after graduation. Tell them about your strengths but don’t be arrogant about it. What future plans do you have, writing about your future in your personal statement will tell them if you are goal oriented and have a bright future. Now that you have a general idea of what you put in your personal statement, I’m going to give you a few other things to do and not do in it.

Dos Of Your Personal Statement

  • Your personal statement is to be written in complete sentences.
  • It should also be in active voice.
  • Don’t be afraid to pull out the thesaurus and use it. It will make your statement more interesting. You also want to vary the lengths of your sentences to help if flow better.
  • Get feedback on it before you send it in. Others will be able to see where you can improve it.
  • Start it early so you have time to get feedback and revise it.

Don’ts of Your Personal Statement

  • Don’t make your personal statement sound like an autobiography.
  • You don’t have to spell everything out, use abbreviations.
  • Don’t start all of your sentences with I.
  • Don’t make it longer by using smaller font or single spaced.
  • Don’t have any grammar or spelling errors.
  • Don’t write your personal statement as a carbon copy of that you will send out to various places. Each one of your personal statements that you write should be specific to the job or school you are sending it too. That is why you are taking so much time on it. If they read something like this, they probably won’t pick you.

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