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What Details To Include In Your Application Paper

Your application paper is the part of your application that allows you to explain yourself. Think of it as an opportunity to convince the admissions officers why they should select you for their College or University. The details that you include in your application paper document should give the reader a good sense of who you are and why you have chosen to apply. They should be neither too vague nor specific and should depict the applicant in a positive light.

Some details that you may wish to highlight in your application paper are:

  • Your reason for studying your chosen topic
  • What qualities and experiences you have had that have inspired you to apply
  • Details of the your previous work experience that are relevant
  • A list of your extra curricular achievements
  • What your future career aspirations may be
  • Life experiences that have made you an interesting person
  • Events in your life that have influenced your personality

Essentially, your application paper is competing with other students to get accepted into the same institution. This is why it is a good idea to include all of these important details as well as be candid and honest about why you want to get into that particular school. When you allow your personality to shine through your writing you come across as being much more authentic and genuine. This will work in your favor when you are attempting to win over the admissions staff. It is a good idea to be candid about the unique details of your life. Remember there is nobody else in the entire world just like you!

Your Application Paper: Dealing With Unique Circumstances

If your application has anything about it that is out of the ordinary make sure that you include an explanation for that as well within your application paper. Some important details that you may want to expand upon include:

  • If you are a mature student why have you waited so long to apply to a post-secondary institution?
  • If English is not your first language how do you believe this will affect your studies?
  • Do you have children or a spouse?
  • Have you previously completed a post-secondary program?
  • Do you have a learning disability?
  • Anything else that may set you apart from others.

When you write your application paper do not be afraid to talk about yourself in detail. The real strategy is how you choose to show off your personality. Really maintain a positive attitude and be candid about the things that are unique because these features may actually work in your application's favor.

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