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Every year high school students compete for only a few select spots at some of the countries most prestigious colleges and universities. The acceptance rate is typically 1 in 4 or 25% so the odds seem "okay" but not exactly stellar. Depending on what post-secondary institution that you they are applying for the may find that it is extremely difficult to get into because there are so many students applying. Other schools that are not as competitive may be a bit easier because their application process is not as complex.

However, no matter which academic institution you happen to be applying for most of the applicants are asked to write an admissions paper as part of their applications. An admissions paper, if you don't know, is a personal essay or statement that tells a little bit about yourself in a narrative format that is structured similar to school essay or report. Typically, the admissions paper will have an assigned theme or topic for the student to explore, but usually the overall purpose of the assignment is to talk about themselves and their life experiences. For this reason, writing an admissions paper can be difficult especially for those who are not skilled writers or have never written a paper quite like this before.

Try to think of your admissions paper as being a substitution for an interview or meeting the application officers in person. What would you say to them in order to convince them to accept you? How could you set your application apart? What makes you unique and different from the other students who are applying to that school? These are the important things that students must consider before sending in there admissions paper because it will ultimately determine whether or not they are admitted to the institute of there choice.

In extreme cases where a student feels that they cannot properly present themselves in a admissions paper because they struggle with writing. The parents of that student may choose to pay a professional writing service to compose that student’s admissions paper for them. Typically the student will provide notes to the admissions paper author so that it seems genuine to them, but a professional has actually written it. This may seem like an extreme measure to some, but many people place immense value on getting into their College or University of choice. They are willing to do almost anything in order to guarantee that they are selected.

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