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Who Can Review Your Admission Essay Before The Submission

When you write an admission essay, it is important that you have it reviewed before you submit it. There are certain people who can and cannot review your essay before the submission.


If you have a teacher to whom you look up or admire, you can ask them to review your essay before you submit. While it is nice to turn to a teacher you view as a mentor or friend, it may be in your best interest to request the assistance of a teacher in the English department. If you do ask your teacher, try and be respectful of their time, allowing them at least one or two weeks to review your paper before you need it back. A teacher can review the paper for content and for writing style.


Many schools provide counselors or advisors for students heading to college. You can turn to them and ask for their professional opinion before you submit your essay, but bear in mind that they will have many students asking for their assistance, especially as the school year comes to a close, so it is best to ask early and give them the same time allotment at least as you would give a teacher. A counselor or advisor can review it from the stand point of a review committee or college.

Friends and family

You can also ask friends and family who know you well, if you are comfortable with this. Some people prefer trusted friends over family, while others only turn to family. In any case, it is good to give them time enough to read and critique your essay but bear in mind it may be more challenging for a mother or father to critically review the work of their child. Friends and family can review the essay for honesty, especially if the essay you are submitting is about an event in your life or your goals.


If you have an employer that you trust or know a professional in the field in which you want to major you can turn to them and ask that they review the essay. They can review it to help you apply your skills to your field or career.

The only people that cannot really review your admissions essay are those who are part of the review board or who are associated with the institution based on school policy.

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