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Four Topics to Avoid in Your Application Essay

If you are applying to a College or University this year then chances are you are going to have to write essay to hand along with your application. Application essays are one of the more difficult types of essays that High School students must write because they have to attempt to anticipate what the post secondary institution is looking for. This is tough to do because some institutions want to students to show off their personalities within their applications in order to determine whether or not they would be a good fit. Others want students to demonstrate they’re writing abilities and judge the application based on its technical structures. Depending on how competitive the application process for your college or university of choice, the application readers may simply be looking for a paper that stands out amongst the crowd.

Although there are obviously different ways to approach the application essay writing process there are still certain topics that are not appropriate to write about under most circumstances. We have included a list of 10 Topics to Avoid in Your Application Essay

  1. Religion
  2. You can mention your religion and faith if it is relevant to the rest of your essay, but don’t start an philosophical debates about religious merit. You never know what the religion of the reader happens to be, and you do not want to risk offending them.

  3. Sexual Orientation
  4. An essay titled “How I Came Out To My Parents” may seem like a good idea but it really is not. No matter what your sexual preference is you probably do not want mention it in your application. Although many colleges and universities are looking for diversity in their students, once again you don’t know what the reader’s feelings are. It isn’t worth the risk.

  5. The Other Institutions You Have Applied For
  6. “I didn’t get into Harvard, so now I am applying here” is not a great opening line. All institutions whether they are your first choice or not- probably don’t want to hear that you have applied elsewhere or been rejected. Keep this to your self.

  7. Your Criminal Past
  8. Finally, if you have ever been convicted for a crime you probably do not want to mention this in your application. Yes, your institution will find out when they run your criminal record check, but tread lightly when mentioning crime in your essay. This is because the institution wants to see you in your best light not your worst! Just leave your recent felony charges out.

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