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Nursing School Application Essay Writing Hints

Nurses play a very important role in the lives of each and every one of us. Even when we are in the best of health a nurse can offer her services to improve our health, assist after an accident and so much more. It takes a special , caring individual to work as a nurse, and the degree is earned only after completion of a nursing school. Many different nursing schools are available, and after the Nurse Entrance Exam has been completed you will need to submit an essay for admission consideration. The essay prompt will be given to you, and it is up to you to provide a compelling and compassionate piece that gets your foot through the door.

In most cases the essay wants to know about you and who you are as a person. Will you be a good fit with the college and their values? Will you bring integrity, honesty and hard work to the field of nursing? The college wants only those serious-minded, caring individuals who really desire to work in the field to attend their school, and with this essay the help determine who fits the bill.

How can you compose such an essay? An essay that stands above the rest is an essay that will get noticed and increase the odds of acceptance into the nursing school of your dreams.

First of all, ensure that your essay will do the following when it is read:

  • Bring your character alive, including the amazing traits that you possess as well as how they’ve molded you into the person that you are now
  • Highlight any prior medical experience that you may have
  • Provide assurance that you are committed to becoming a nurse and filling the duties and obligations brought on with that commitment
  • Provide details about prior awards, honors, research project completed, etc. The essay should greatly highlight these activities as well as their influence on your decision to work as a nurse.
  • Demonstrate your abilities
  • Highlight future goals and plans

In order to create an essay that adheres to all of these qualities, be sure that you take your time writing, and really divulge a lot of thought into the process of what you will say. You want the essay to highlight all of the great qualities that you offer but you do not want it to sound cheesy or overwhelming. With a great essay you can become a part of the medical world and fill a great career as a nurse.

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