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How To Organize Your Admission Essay

Writing of an admission essay is an integral part in the life of any student because it could be the very determining factor as to whether a student will be accepted by a college admission board. The paper provides the student with an opportunity to let the admission board know him or her better and distinguish themselves from all the other applicants. It is therefore imperative for the student to write an essay that is properly structured, interesting, honest and well organized. This will ensure that the essay is comprehensible, clear and logical thereby increasing the student’s chances of being accepted.

A student wishing to write a winning essay needs to organize their essay in a certain way. This would involve breaking down the essay into three different parts or structures namely

  • The introduction
  • The body and
  • The conclusion


When writing the introduction, the student should use the first sentence to introduce the essay or the topic of discussion. Since first impressions last longer, one should ensure that the first sentence is unique, attention grabbing and thought provoking. It should keep the reader interested and curious to want to read more about what the writer has to say. The student should use this part to clarify their aspiration for wanting to study that particular course or interest, in a creative manner.


The body of the essay should consist of about three paragraphs that support the claim made in the introduction part of the essay. The student should use transitions and resolutions to ensure that the ideas in the paragraphs flow from one to the next one. This means that each paragraph should start with a topic statement that will be the theme of that particular paragraph. The paragraph should also have a resolution which will act as the transition to the next paragraph. As a guide, the student could use the first paragraph to give a summary of their education background. Personal experiences and accomplishments of the student, together with the reason for wanting to be admitted could be included in the second paragraph. While the last paragraph could contain plain explanation as to why the student feels they should be accepted.


This is the last paragraph of the essay stating why the student is interested in the college and subject. It should briefly state the key points mentioned in the body in a convincing and conclusive manner. It should end positively with an attention grabber.

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