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Writing Personal Statement: Mentioning your Professional Skills

When you write a personal statement for a college application, scholarship application, or other purpose, it is important that your personal essay truly reflect who you are as an individual, student, and professional. The purpose of the personal statement is to highlight information about yourself so that admissions boards, hiring managers, and scholarship outfits can make the best decision about your approval for their program, job, or award.

To mention all of your skills effectively, and highlight the many reasons that you should be the applicant chosen, you should follow a few simple rules to make sure your personal statement is effective and complete.

Mentioning Your Skills and Making Your Personal Statement Count

Review requirements: Each organization or company that you apply to will have specific requirements for personal essays included in application packets. Make sure to review those rules and guidelines before beginning. Never submit a blanket statement to all institutions as there is no guarantee that all are looking for the same information, answers, or explanations. Follow the rules set out in their application paperwork or online – and if you are in doubt, ask using their contact information posted. They are there to help make the process easier to apply.

Make an accomplishments list: Before you begin applying to different places, you should make a list of your accomplishments. Include dates and as much specific information as possible so that you can have it all in one place. This will save time as you complete your personal statement for a variety of places – as they are all looking for different information. It is better to not have to dig it up once you see what you need.

Make a skills list: Like your accomplishments, review boards want to know what skills you are bringing to the table. Create a list of the specific skills that you have, and how you have used them in the past. Using action words, this list can be as long as you would like. The more skills you can list, the better. And the more unique your essay will come across since you will have a wide array of skills that you can choose to highlight.

Avoid bragging: It is important that you avoid bragging. Always tie skills to a specific accomplishment or goal – make it tangible and realistic. The boards involved need to see your skills in action -- how you have and will continue to use them is important.

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