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Custom Admission Essay Writing Services are not helpful

What is an Admission Essay Writing Service?

An admission essay writing service is a service or business that offers to write admission essays for applicants to various universities, colleges and institutions. These services are provided for a reasonable fee and are purported to be the best possible way for an applicant to maximize his or her chances of acceptance into the program of choice.

Are These Services Helpful?

At first glance, these services do seem helpful as they boast of professional writers with years of experience dealing with admission essays and very high success rates. However, a deeper look at the entire process is needed to make a sound decision.

An admission essay is a essay that is supposed to portray the applicant as honestly as possible. This is something that only the applicant can do. No other person knows the hopes, desires, dreams and ambitions of an applicant better than themselves. It is also important to note that only the applicant is capable of putting their personality into the admission essay.

It is frequently seen that admission essays written by a custom admission essay writing service or similar professional are lacking in empathy. Such essays have a commercial and mechanical feel to them. This is something that admission committees are highly adept at detecting and once detected, these traits can only land an application in the reject pile.

What is The Best Way To Come Up With an Admission Essay?

The best admission essays are those that do not follow a particular formula. These essays are not predictable. They give a clear picture of the applicant as a person and make his or her desires and plans for the degree very clear. A great application essay convinces the admissions committee that the applicant is highly deserving and capable of successfully completing the requirements of the degree program he or she has applied to.

The most important thing needed to craft a great application essay is clarity of purpose. An applicant must be clear on what he or she wants out of his or her career. Only when an applicant knows what they want to do can they go about convincing the admissions committee to give them the elusive admit. An applicant who knows what he or she wants out of their career and how he or she will accomplish it will have the greatest chance of swaying the admissions process in his or her favor.

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