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Scholarship Essay Writing: How to Stand Out From the Crowd?

When you are putting together your scholarship applications, you may not have a great deal of control over how your grades or test scores look. You may not even feel you have much control over your letter of recommendation. However, your scholarship or admissions essay is the one element of your application you have full influence over, and luckily, it is the one application component that can make or break your case.

It is imperative, therefore, that your scholarship essay be distinctive, captivating, and memorable, and well written to boot. An essay with all these components will wow the decisions committee, and may earn you a scholarship that otherwise would have been granted a student with more sterling credentials. Here are some suggestions for making your scholarship essay shine.

Craft Your Own Voice

It takes a great deal of practice as a writer to create a unique and reliable voice. It is also the mark of a mature and developed writer to have an established tone and way of writing. If you can, spend a great deal of time before composing your application essay simple free writing and responding to random essay prompts, either found online or in your English texts. Become familiar with your own writing: read it aloud, critique it, and review comments you have received on class papers. Think of yourself as an artist, and develop a unique style, so that ever paper you write is a work of art.

Develop Your Vocabulary

Admissions committees are also dazzled when essays feature a number of obscure and interesting words. It should be noted, however, that many students misuse impressive words and end up giving their readers a very negative impression. So before you write, make sure you know the meanings of all the five-dollar words you like to throw around. GRE and SAT study books and podcasts are excellent sources of definitions and word drills, and may help you improve your word usage.

Be Well Read

In order to be a talented writer with something interesting to say, you must read a great deal of accomplished works. Read classics from the literary canon, as well as current literary magazines and high-brow magazines such as Harper’s or The New Yorker. Cultivate an interest in something that can influence you writing, whether it is current events, sports, visual art, music, film, or something else entirely. Reading a wide range of texts will improve the quality of your writing, while simultaneously giving you more to write about.

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