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5 tips to help you select an admission essay topic

Let's start with the most basic point of all. An admission essay is there to help you get admission to your favorite college. You're not there to score points or win an award or learn how to write an essay. You are there to gain admission. So the writing of the essay and the editing and correcting of the essay before you post it are all very important. But nothing beats the choice of topic. It will make such a difference to your chances of admission to a college if you choose the right topic.

Here are some tips or ideas to help you choose the right topic:

  • go brainstorming
  • too much is too much
  • choose something which really appeals to you
  • think outside the square
  • she or he who dares, wins

Brainstorming is a terrific way to develop ideas for a good admission essay topic. Read the website of the college to which you are applying. What are the things which this college is renowned for? What are the activities which this college offers its students? Make a list of those topics and then start brainstorming using those topics as your source of inspiration. Write anything and everything to do with the qualities or characteristics of the college. From that you should get some wonderful admission essay topic ideas.

In looking for a topic, don't bombard yourself with too much information. You need to keep your topic selection simple. If you can express the theme or main idea of your essay topic in a single sentence, then you probably have chosen well.

Think about your life and the things which really appealed to you. This could be your hobby, your favourite subject or subjects at school or any other aspect of your life which has real interest for you. From a list of these activities you should be able to find a number of excellent essay topics.

Don't be set in your ways. Think outside the square. Think of ways you can find topics which are not the traditional ways. Go for something which is perhaps on the cutting edge. This, because of its unusual and unique nature, could tip the balance in your favour.

Finally be prepared to take risks. There are heaps of admission essays which are safe and secure. Think of the person who has to read all of these essays. By tackling it in a risky way or from a different perspective, you make your admission essay stand out from the rest.

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