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Be careful while using free scholarship essays

Scholarship essays are a part of the process of getting awarded money that will help you reduce your student loan debt – and keep more money in your pocket. With so many scholarships available, they are a great way to make the most of your college experience – and make your skills work for you.

There are many scholarships available, but it is important to also remember that the economic climate has required more of students across the board – leading to more students applying than ever. To keep competitive and increase your chances of being awarded, it is important that your essay impresses each member of the scholarship review boards you are appealing to.

Because consistency, credibility, and authenticity are so important in the process, using free college scholarship essays can definitely work against you.

Free Scholarship Essays

There are many concerns about the use of free scholarship essays:

  • Not unique: Review boards look at many essays during the process of determining winners every year. It is important that your essay is unique. It needs to stand out. Generalized options that available as free essays are usually not so effective.
  • Not personal: Most scholarship boards are hoping to learn something about you, specifically, when they review your essay. Even if the essay assignment is about a specific topic, it should shed light on your viewpoints. Generalized versions of online essays simply don’t offer that added insight.
  • Plagiarism: Plagiarism is a big deal. Most, if not all, scholarship review boards now check essays through a plagiarism process to ensure they haven’t been used before or stolen. Using a free scholarship essay dramatically increases the chances that you will be charged with plagiarism and this is a serious charge that can lead to criminal proceedings or being dropped from a school program.
  • Incorrect: If using a free scholarship essay, you are at increased risk of using information or data that is incorrect or incomplete.

Since your scholarship essay should truly show the review board who you are as a student, you should always put your best foot forward. And since it could translate into real dollars saved, you should always treat the process the way you would a job. It may make you money, and help your overall goals for the future, so write it yourself, write it well, and put your best foot forward. Don’t skimp on your scholarship essay – if you’re going to, it might be worth skipping altogether.

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