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Admission Essay Writing Prompts: Some Do's and Don't's

Your admission essay will be the first impression and insight an institution will have before even meeting you. It will display your passions, goals, statements and philosophies life. Without a formal introduction a committee will be judging the whole of your personality based on one simple essay. Scary? Not really, just follow these simple do's and don't of writing your admission paper and watch yourself walk straight through the doors of your favorite school.

  • Subject Matters – Make sure to pick a topic you are passionate about. Find a defining moment in your life or a story about what inspires you to greatness. Write what you already know and display your drive to be the best. Let the institution know that you are excited and have the most to offer in the development of your education as well as theirs.
  • Speed Kills – Perhaps you barely had to research what to write before words just seemed to flow out onto paper fluidly and without fail. Congratulations, this paper was easy for you. But be careful, always double check and make sure to have one or two other people proofread. Spell check doesn't always catch every mistake and the smallest grammatical error could cause major setbacks in your education.
  • Be Real – This is an opportunity for you to really come alive on paper. Highlight your attributes and unique abilities. Let the admission committee feel like they have already been witness to your brilliance and leave them wanting to see more. Let them know why you want to advance in a particular major and the benefits that not only you, but hopefully the institution and the world will benefit from.
  • Keep it cool – Don't make it obvious that you are that kid in the class who incessantly flails his arms to be noticed. Admissions counselors read hundred of essays screaming at them to be chosen. Make sure you clearly, calmly and cohesively articulate the reasons you believe yourself to be the best candidate. Colleges want recognition too, and the better the candidate, the higher their chances of riding your future fame.
  • Make a Statement – What do you want the reader to learn about you during the course of your essay? If you aren't comfortable airing your personal passions on paper, demonstrate your abilities in writing, your development, focus or your distinct talents. The way in which you write can just as easily be a statement about who are as much as an entire paragraph dedicated to explaining it.

Remember to package and market yourself as an asset to whichever institution you apply to. The college has as much to gain from you as you from them. Be precise and always put your best foot forward.

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