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How to create an Admission Essay in 5 Steps

Admission essays are written in order to secure admission in your desired university. Students often think that if they write about their heroic adventures and include a lot of academic achievements then they will create a good admission essay. They forget that the admission officers are real people who can easily distinguish between real life events and self-made stories. The university is not looking for all nerds or all a-graders they want to have a diverse batch each year. They will want to give admission to students of different backgrounds and interests. It is not very tough to write an admission essay. It is rather a very easy task. An admission essay is simply a story about yourself and you know yourself the best. It should be very easy for you to write a few hundred words about your life.

  1. Write down the questions
  2. Before you start writing your admission essay it is advisable to take a rough paper and list down all the questions you are going to answer about yourself.

    • What are your interests?
    • What are you most proud of?
    • What re your weaknesses?
    • What obstacles have you overcome in life?
    • What was the life changing event you experienced?
    • What is your passion in life?
    • Why are you the right choice for granting admission in the university?
  3. Address the essay prompt
  4. When you write your essay make sure it follows the requirements set by the university. If you write a very good personal statement but it fails to address the essay prompt then it is a waste of your and the admission officer’s time both. Stay relevant and make sure to answer the question set by the university.

  5. Ask for a neutral opinion
  6. After you have finished writing your admission essay you should go to a friend or colleague to ask for an opinion. You may also ask your parents or siblings to read your essay and give you a neutral opinion about it. Ask them if

    • The essay they read matches your personality?
    • Is it the truth about you?
    • Do they agree to the strengths and weaknesses you have listed in your essay?
    • Do you have the qualities that are mentioned in the essay?
  7. Check for grammar and spelling
  8. Before submission it is advisable to check for grammatical errors and spelling mistakes.

  9. Be honest
  10. Lastly it is very important for you to stay honest during the whole essay.

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