Admission, application and entrance essays: writing, editing, proofreading

Helpful Guidelines for writing an interesting Admission Essay

An admission essay helps potential schools learn about you and your career interests. When presented with interesting content you may increase chances of getting the admission you want. But there is a considerable amount of effort that goes into writing the perfect essay that includes knowing information to include and omit. Sticking to essay guidelines is important as well as proofreading and editing your content in end. In between these actions you may want to consider the following points to make your content standout.

  • Think about the school and their mission. Think about the mission of the school and why this institution in particular is appealing to you. The school has its own set of standards and you need to provide enough information to let the school know how you will fit in.
  • Consider sharing goals you think the school should know about. The school wants to learn why they are needed to help you. You can share your personal goals and how the school will play an important role in helping you achieve them. This may include an experience you had or you feel your career path is a significant due to a special need in the industry.
  • Share information you have not shared with others that is appropriate. Sometimes things about yourself may be helpful, especially information you may not normally share with others. Maybe you experienced a life changing event or you saw something that had an effect on your career choice.
  • Be honest about who you are. If you are confident in your abilities you should be able to mention your strengths and what you like about yourself. You should be comfortable in your own skin and know characteristics about you the school will find as an asset.
  • Mention how the school will help you achieve your goals. You may mention how you admire the school for their programs or dedication to helping students achieve their goals. Think about what the school has to offer and how you would benefit from attending this school in particular.
  • Consider reviewing sample essays for other ideas on what to mention. One of the best ways to understand what to include in admission essay is to review a few samples. Even though your essay may have specific guidelines you can still get a general idea of information to consider for your own essay.

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