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How to create an effective Application Essay

Writing an effective application essay can be done well if some steps are taken to ensure success. Consider these tips when crafting an application essay:

  • Plan— planning not only the essay components, but also planning to give enough time to meet the deadline without having to cram the writing into a short period of time can make a big difference in the quality of the piece.
  • Be yourself—what makes you unique is your style, your thoughts and even sense of humor. Use these in your essay to stand out as the individual that you are.
  • Get to the point—write in a clear and concise way. Leave the fluff out of the piece because it won’t impress anyone.
  • Spelling, grammar and punctuation check—check and recheck the piece for errors. This is crucial because poor grammar, spelling or punctuation errors reflect poorly on your writing. Reading an essay with glaring mistakes overshadows the ideas and merit of the piece.
  • Get a second opinion—Have someone read your essay before it is mailed. This can give you a reaction to the essay and also can catch any errors that have slipped through. Feedback makes the piece stronger.
  • Paint a picture—using vivid language helps to paint a picture and evokes an emotional response from the reader. It also keeps their attention and makes the piece interesting.
  • Just the facts—don’t try to add or exaggerate anything for effect. If you have skills or abilities that are relevant to the essay topic represent them in a truthful manner so that your essay rings true and is factual. Be proud of your accomplishments just as they are…it will be enough.
  • Take a stand—don’t be afraid to be controversial in your essay. Don’t craft an essay that is middle of the road or boring because a smart and articulate stand on a topic is a great way to stand out and to show that you are a thoughtful person who is confident in your beliefs.
  • What do you love to study—show off your knowledge about a subject. It doesn’t have to be academic, but a sound understanding and the ability to explain thoughts on a particular subject can reflect well on you as a student. Colleges want smart people to be a part of their student body, so show what you know!

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