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5 Application Essay Help Tips

As always there are fewer than five help tips for essays of any kind. We’ll stretch this out across the following tips:

  • Reflection
  • Make Yourself Look Good
  • The Actual Writing
  • What To Leave Out
  • Getting Assistance


All you need to do here is sit back and reflect on who you are and what you have to offer not only to the academic institution you’re writing to, but to the world. What inspires you, what aspirations you have, etc. and so on. Take notes of everything, you’ll sift through these later to see what you can use and what should be left out.

If a main essay question has been included, reflect on that and see how you will approach it. If you need to research, it’s best to get to it.

Make Yourself Look Good

Simply put, you want to highlight your strengths, talents, and extracurricular activities. Elaborate on all of these. Also, touch on your hobbies, but focus on relevant active ones. Exclude playing video games, smoking, drinking, and partying. Gaming could be included if you attend a school focused on making video games. If you have no hobbies that could be considered relevant, than phone it in and say you enjoy reading and writing in your free time.

About free time activities, you want to be specific. Don’t just say you enjoy reading; give the reader authors and genres you enjoy. Don’t just say you enjoy writing; tell the reader what it is you like to write. Do you enjoy doing poetry? Short stories? Elaborate on this.

What to Drop

Don’t start at the very beginning. Never start at where and when you were born. No one cares and that information should be on a form of some sort that the reader will get. So exclude that. Also, don’t include any extreme viewpoints.

The Actual Writing

This is where you’ll pull everything together in your paper. The main things to focus on are the pacing of the essay, the introduction, and closing statement. Everything between your intro and closing can be anything as long as it tells about you, it’s not too extreme, and that it’s relevant. Just make sure the introduction and closing statement are strong.

Getting Online Assistance

If all of that seems difficult, find an online essay writing service and have them take on your admissions essay. In the notes section, you want to include everything the writer will need to handle your essay. All of the above in the other tips: include it.

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