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Good Advice: How To Write An Essay For A College Application

College application writing has its advantages and disadvantages. Students are encouraged to review the process early before getting started. It helps to view this essay as another opportunity to show you are worthy of getting accepted to the school of choice. You need to think about details the school should know that will encourage them to approve your application. The essay allows you to mention information you were not able to mention on the application, but you want to be true and memorable with your content to increase chances of successful approval.

Study Sample Essays to Get Ideas on How to Write a Great College Application Essay

If you want to know what makes a good essay you should study a few well written samples. You can access the quality of the content by reviewing ideas and concepts used. You get an idea of what information is necessary to help make a statement about your goals and intentions. You also get insight on different angles as far as how to talk about yourself and how you fit into school standards. Samples can provide insight on personal characteristics you may want to consider mentioning in your own essay.

Talk to People You Know about Your Intentions to Get Opinions

Connect with family members and friends on possible ideas for your application essay. Think about people who have been there for you and know what you want in life. This can be someone such as a parent or childhood friend. The idea is to connect with people who may offer different opinions on how you can present yourself to your school of choice. You may want to consider connecting with people that attend the school you are applying to and learn their perspective on the application essay process. What are some things they included or left out of their essay that helped them get approved?

Write a Few Rough Drafts to Unify Ideas and Thoughts

When you get a general idea what you want to mention in your essay you can create a rough draft. This gives an idea what your thoughts will look like when they come together. Take time to write a few drafts and rework certain parts of your essay. This helps clarify elements you bring to the table that can make a difference or lasting impression with the approval committee.

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