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Personal Statement Writing Help: Voice and Style

Writing a personal statement is, of course, personal; but it needs to be done in a voice and style that is readable and effective so that it can put your words to work for you. The impression that is made is the important one for consideration and so it should be one you can be proud of and that is well done. When considering what words you choose to describe things in your personal statement is in part your voice. It is like your personality in writing. Some people do write as they speak and it is a distinctive voice, but others have a different writing voice than their speaking personality. The words chosen and the sentence structure both contribute to how the voice is established. The more you write, the more your voice is established because you have certain words that are always used and a cadence to your writing that makes it uniquely yours.

The style in writing is also a part of the writer’s personality in print, but it is more to do with the broad aspects of the language used and the diction. When you think about flowery language or metaphors within the writing or maybe just the straightforward phrasing that has no nonsense descriptions, these are elements of style. Voice and style are closely related and they together can make a great personal statement that is truly unique and a great way to put your best forward.

When writing your personal statement your word choices and phrasing can be the way to distinguish yourself and the style that you have such as a conversational tone or a really descriptive structure completes the creative package that is you. Many writers work hard to find their voice, but once they do they find that it can help them with many writing tasks.

In a personal statement it is important that the style works for the word count or the space allotted. If your writing style is flowery or has many words, then it may be harder to cut it down to fit into the space desired. If you are a straightforward writer, then it may mean you might have to add more to fill out the space. Revising your personal statement can help you to get your voice and style in shape so that the piece is exactly what you wish to use as your personal statement.

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