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The major skills that go into writing your personal statement

Writing a personal statement is often harder than any other type of essay. Because it’s about you, it can be touch to choose how much to say and how much is unimportant in the context of the essay. You might not know yourself as well as your friends and family do, and that makes it hard as well. Writing your own personal statement is like trying to paint your own face from looking in the mirror instead of looking at a still photograph.

Skills for Your Personal Statement Writing

What do you need to know about writing a personal statement? First, most teacher expect it to be in an essay form of some kind. This isn’t just a way out of forming paragraphs and worrying about spacing. If you hand in one big block of text your teacher won’t want to read it let alone grade it. Format your personal statement like you would an important paper or essay.

A skill you need for writing a personal statement is a general writing skill. If you can write well, you can probably do well on your personal statement by default. If you don’t write well, that can be remedied. Practice writing out a few sentences and then have a friend give you feedback. Learning things like sentence structure and word usage are not only useful for school papers but in all areas of life.

Something else you’ll want to keep in mind is that personal statements are often for the purpose of your writing ability more than facts about you. It is important to portray yourself in an honest light and to let your personality shine through, but that’s where the skill of a writer comes into play rather than just knowing more about yourself than the teacher does. They are looking for a specific style and tone that is common to personal statements. Use your researching skills to find out what is normal for a personal statement, and then do it. If you can do these things, you’re well on your way to a great personal statement. It’s true that it does take some skills you might not use very often, or at all, but it’s worth it. Getting a good mark on your assignment will not only help you in this particular class but for the future as well.

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