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What Topics To Avoid When Writing College Admission Essays

There are various types of essay topics to avoid when writing college admission essays. Many of these topics may put you on the opposite side of the spectrum. They may give the school the wrong impression about you; hurting your chances of getting admitted. Being creative can help but make sure you stick to guidelines and/or prompts given for the essay. For further understanding of what topics to avoid for your college admission essay read the following points.

Anything that Doesn’t Make You Look Good

Most people have made mistakes they regret but you do not have to tell all of your business from your past, especially if you are not able to make the situation look good in your favor. In some cases, things considered “TMI” (too much information) should be kept to yourself. Mentioning you spent time in jail or losing your virginity at a young age are things that not only make you look bad, but the admission committee may not be interested in reading the rest of your essay. Topics that make you look as if you are seeking sympathy may also put you in the wrong light.

Topics that May Come Off Offensive or Inappropriate

Talking about your sex life or personal opinions regarding sexuality are things to avoid. When you write your essay and decide to mention personal things about yourself, you should consider having someone else read your work to make sure the content is appropriate. You want to avoid making lame excuses for actions you may have done in the past, especially if they are academically related such as bad grades you received, the time you disrespected a teacher because you were having a bad day, etc.

Topics that Make You Look as if You Are Bragging or Too Much Humor

It is one thing to say you did a good deed for someone, but coming off as a hero may be pushing it just a bit. Try to avoid topics that may make you look arrogant or stuck up. Providing a list of accomplishments may be too much as well; if your application asked for this type of content you don’t need to repeat it again in the essay. Adding a touch of humor is okay when showing character, but your essay shouldn’t be considered a comedy routine; try not to be too clever or witty with your material.

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