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How Buying Admission Essay Online Can Ruin Your Career

If you are like most of the people out there, you probably want a nice life and a successful career and you acknowledge the fact that the safest path to eventually landing a good job in a field you are interested in is going to college. This is why you are probably willing right now to get yourself into a huge amount of debt and why you want to make sure that your money will be spent on the college you actually want to get in.

No matter how hard you try to do things perfectly in high school , no matter how great your grades are, how many volunteering activities you have gathered in your portfolio and how many contests you have won, the truth is that admission committees will always be searching for people, for real human beings, rather than for folders filled with achievements and numbers. This is why sometimes, the admission essay can weigh more in the eyes of colleges than all of your achievements gathered in a portfolio.

Writing an admission essay is not an easy thing to do, not even when you are naturally good at writing things. The fact that there is a lot of pressure associated with this and the fact that you may be too stressed out over it may stop you from producing that admission essay that will guarantee your admission.

Buying Admission Essays Online – Is It a Good Idea?

If you have heard of those ready-made admission essays you can buy from various websites, you should drop the idea. There are two main reasons for which these kinds of services can actually ruin your future and you should definitely take them into consideration:

  1. They will most likely be plagiarized and your college admission committee will be able to tell that. As a result, they will instantly reject your application, especially since plagiarism is the equivalent of theft in the academic world.
  2. Even if your essay does get through, how would it look after many years from graduating, when you are a successful person to have this essay come to surface or to wake up being blamed of the fact that you have plagiarized your own admission to college?

That does not mean that you should avoid online help at all times. If you do choose to have someone help you with your essay, go for those high-quality service providers who will write custom essays for you and who will know exactly how to write a successful admission essay.

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