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How to write a personal statement essay for college appropriately

A personal statement is required for admission in college as it allows the college admission officers to get an idea about you and your interests. Many colleges and universities demand the student to write a personal statement at the time of admission. Students usually do not know what to include in a personal statement and what tone and style should be adopted. Here are important tips that will help you in writing a personal statement essay properly.

Read the samples for personal statement

You can begin by checking the available samples of personal statement essays. This will help you get an idea of how a personal statement is formatted. You can see the style and tone of the writer. A good reader is most likely to make a good writer.

Calculate your time

After you have checked the samples of the personal statement essay, you will have an idea of the number of paragraphs and words that you have to write. There is no specification for the total number of words. It should be enough to explain. After you have calculated, the number of words, divide it on the time you are left with. This way you will know how many words you are supposed to write in an hour.

Set timely milestones

Once you know the time and word count you should then set small milestones for yourself. They help you in staying motivated and organized. Once you complete a milestone you motivation level increases. It is easier to write in ten intervals of 100 words rather than writing 1000 words altogether.

Make an outline

Before you start writing, it is a great idea to make an outline for your personal statement. This will help you in arranging your paper.

Write the truth

It is very important that you stay honest while writing your personal statement. Universities are not looking for a batch of all nerds. They want to select individuals from different backgrounds to have a diverse batch. Writing the truth will help them analyze your true potentials

Tell them why you deserve an admission

The admission officers do not know you in person, you need to explain them how you are different from others and why they should select you

You can also

  • Show your skills when you survived a hard time
  • Include your hobbies and interests
  • Revise your paper

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