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How to Write the Best Personal Statement Essay

Writing a personal statement is not difficult at all. It’s the same as writing a thesis statement only with you as the topic. That’s it.

Establish the Topic

When doing a personal essay, admissions essay, or any essay that will use you as a topic, you should see what the main topic is. If there is a question or topic of discussion, it usually meant for you to make yourself relevant on it. How does this topic relate to you and what you do? What is your opinion on this topic?

If there are no topics or questions and it just asks for you to discuss yourself—or if it’s implied as there are no questions or anything—then just discuss yourself. First, we’ll need to get this personal statement out of the way.


Reflect on who you are and what you can offer to the college or job. Take note of all your skills, talents, strengths, etc. If a main essay question has been included, do the research first and then reflect on it—the same as any other essays you’ve done or will do. After that, you’ll want to see how this topic relates to you, make yourself and the topic relevant.

Writing Your Personal Statement

In the reflection stage, you simply want to make a statement about yourself and focus your essay around that. The best way to form the statement is to ask a question and answer it. The rest of your reflection will make up the bulk of your essay. A soft example of this would be the following:

Ask a question: Why would I be a good fit for Essay University?

Personal Statement: Because of my dedication to improving my character and challenging myself in traditional environment around high performing student, I would make a great candidate for Essay University.

It’s not the best of personal statements, but its general idea of what you will need to do. You’ll notice it’s similar to a thesis statement. As stated before, that’s all a personal statement is. Unfortunately, there are very few services that will do only the statement for you, but you should be able to handle this with some practice and drafts.

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